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Proag Sanjay or Sudesh

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Proag Sanjay or Sudesh

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Ananas Victoria Limited

Ananas Victoria Limited


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In the 1950s and 1960s, our grandfather and my father were among the first farmers  to cultivate pineapples on the large  scale. During the fifties, the plantation is spread over 10 hectares. The production kept increasing. In 1960, 20 hectares and in  1990, 100 hectares were reserved for pineapple culture.  Confronted to the growing demand ofthe local market, the three sons have decided to unite to form a single unit, which will later give rise, in 2005, to a private company known as Ananas Victoria Ltd. This business is located in the east of mauritius in a village known as Camp de Masque Pave.

Aware of thr requirements of its customers, the firm AVL has invested in technology. On the other hand, the company has also focused on the conservation of its products for export and has, in this sense, installed warehouses equipped to preserve the fruits to be exported afterwards

AVL concentrates mainly in the cultivation of pineapple, lychees and other seasonal fruits. Its annual pineapple production prepared for export is about 1000t . It turns around 200t for the oyher fruits of the orchards of the company.

Our main objective is to be among the leaders in the export of fruits in Mauritius. Our second aim is to provide a good service and excellent products to our customers as well as a regular supply of our products at the lowest prices

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