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Werkstr. 2
4860 Lenzing


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Teléfono: +43 767 27010

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Lenzing Group
The Lenzing Group is an international company that produces high-quality fibers from the renewable raw material wood with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies. These fibers form the basis for a wide range of textile and nonwoven applications, and are also used in the packaging and agriculture industry and in many other industrial applications.

LenzingTM for Packaging - Botanic nets:
In close cooperation with producers, Lenzing AG has developed environmentally sustainable nets for fruits and vegetables made from LENZING™ Modal fibers of botanic origin and certied as compliant with recognized safety standards for food contact. Responsibly produced in line with Lenzing’s commitment to sustainability, these nets are becoming increasingly popular as a compostable substitute for plastic bags and nets, which are derived from non-renewable sources and contribute to the
pollution of the environment.

In the EU alone, 31,561 tons of plastic could be replaced by LENZING™ for Packaging botanic nets every year, thereby
substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as significantly cutting back on overall pollution such as
microplastics. Morover, Lenzing's new packaging concept fully supports the global megatrend of favoring regional products. From raw material production through to fiber production, the entire manufacturing process takes place in Austria and Europe.

LenzingTM for Agriculture - Botanic ropes:
LENZING™ Lyocell fibers of botanic origin are strong, biodegradable, and safe for food contact, making them ideal
material for numerous applications around the farm, such as farming ropes and twines.

When used to secure growing plants, they retain strength during the growing period. Being certified safe for food contact, they are risk-free for consumers when used with fruit and vegetables, while being certified as biobased and fully compostable under soil conditions, they provide an environmentally responsible alternative to plastics.

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En la feria los días

En la feria los días

Biz Chances

We are looking for sustainability and product managers, packaging specialists, vendors, and retailers who are looking for natural packaging solutions for fruits and vegetables, and who ideally want to reduce the amount of plastics wrapped around their products. We are also looking for specialists in agriculture who are aiming to minimize the use of plastics in the production of their produce.

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