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Van den Hamlaan 19
8251 RX Dronten
Países Bajos


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +31 321312719
Fax: +31 321 000 000

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The Company:
Elshof Organic Fruit B.V. is a family business located in the fertile clay of the Flevo Polder (Dronten). For decades, the focus of the company has been growing quality fruit; Elshof is renowned for its very high quality standard.Since 2011, the company has specialised fully on growing and packaging organic apples and pears. In the modern and certified packing station both home-grown organic apples and pears and fruits from 12 fellow fruit growers are sorted and packaged.
It is Elshof’s ambition to be leading in organic fruit growing and is continuously investing in methods and techniques to take quality to an even higher level.
With passion and drive, owner Robert Elshof and his team do their utmost to provide you as customer with organic apples and pears that more than meet your expectations on a daily basis.
Sorting and packaging:
We have a large, modern sorting room with two PERFECT sorting lines and water dumper. Here, the storage crates are submerged into the water, after which the floating fruit is led to the sorting machine. Out of the water the fruit is rinsed, dried and then carefully sorted on size, weight, colour and quality. We package according to your wishes, which include EPS, boxes, on trays or in bags, Flowpack or a cardboard wrapper. We can also label your products with your desired (degradable) sticker. Our sorting room meets all requirements of BRC and GlobalGap; we have a modern cold store for storage and out motto is delivery ‘just in time’. We can switch rapidly and provide the solution you desire. Service and quality are our core words!
We also have a specially arranged traceability system. This system takes care of complete tracing of the fruit from the tree to eventual delivery to the buyer.
Fruit company Elshof Fruitteelt:
In Elshof’s orchards there is much attention to healthy soil: the soil is enriched annually with green compost and organic fertiliser.
In addition, there is maximum attention to keeping a natural balance; this ensures that Elshof can annually grow a large quantity of organic apples and pears that find their way at home and abroad.
As Elshof cooperates well with nature but does not eschew modern technologies, a perfect match is found of maximally organically grown apples and pears without affecting the high quality. We grow apples and pears on 28 hectares: 8 hectares of pears and 20 hectares of apples including Elstar Elshof, Jonagold and our showpiece BelleBio.
For a select company of growers we take care of the sales and packaging of organic apples and pears. In addition we have founded grower platform Biogrownection to support one another in the field of fruit cultivation. An intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences with a permanent cultivation supervisor, among others. This platform is also intended for growers who want to switch to organic cultivation. Organic cultivation has a lot of challenges, and we think growers need not reinvent the wheel. Through cooperation we take quality to a higher level!
Belle Bio:
Together with four other organic fruit growers (i.e. Gino van den Ackeer, Paul Wolters, Jan Mulders and Toine Jansen) we have put the BelleBio brand on the market in 2015. ‘BelleBio is the peak segment of the MarriBelle variety.’
The BelleBio is 100% organic. It is a hard apple with a unique pink colour, characterised by its extraordinarily fresh taste and appearance. High quality is BelleBio’s spearhead. Only the best apples deserve the name BelleBio. We picked up the signal from the market that there was a large demand for a unique organic apple with an exceptionally good display life. We have all invested in new planting and approached a cultivation adviser to supervise cultivation. The BelleBio will be distributed in the second half (after the Elstar). For more information please contact Robert Elshof at

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