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Uscita Autostrada A3 Area Industriale di Campagna
84022 Campagna (SA)

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Teléfono: +39 0828 45359
Fax: +39 0828 48127

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Descripción del producto


Anti-insect nets provide ideal protection against harmful insects (aphids, white-fly and bemisia tabaci) thanks to the highly reduced mesh size of these closely-woven nets, made from high-density polyethylene monofilament.

The anti-hail nets have different mesh sizes to allow for a targeted defence against different types of insects while maintaining an excellent passage of light due to the crystal (transparent) colour of the net. Adequate air exchange is ensured by natural ventilation through the holes in the net.

These are the anti-insect nets we provide:
Article “20/10 KRISTAL” – Mesh: 0,75 x 0,27 mm - Protection against aphids;
Article “6/8 KRISTAL” – Mesh: 1,38 x 0,96 mm - Protection against tuta absoluta;
Article “6/5 KRISTAL” – Mesh: 1,38 x 1,71 mm - Protection against mediterranean fly;
Article “BOMBI - WHITE” – Mesh: 2 x 6 mm - Holds bumblebee pollinators.

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