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Descripción del producto

ALF1000 2.3
400 volt


A luminaire is chosen on the basis of cultivation, dimensions of cultivation surface The luminaires are extensively tested. Our ALF750 watt and ALF1000 luminaires have also been tested on the basis of efficiency, heat management, lamp voltage etc. These tests are necessary to get approval so that the user-ballast and light source can be used in the luminaire. The ALF750 and ALF1000 have passed the test completely and are 100% approved.

Innovative luminaire

With the ALF750 and ALF1000 lighting fixtures, Agrolux once again proves that it is capable of innovating. The ALF750 and ALF1000 are adapted to the wishes of the users.


The ALF750 and ALF1000 housings are made of powder coated white aluminum and extremely compact in design. By using energy-saving electronics, a large cooling fins surface and a correct housing, the whole stays within the specifications set by manufacturers.


The ALF750 and ALF1000 luminaires are equipped with an electronic pre-ballast. Characteristic of the ALF750 and ALF1000 is the special position of the electronic ballast ballast. The electronic ballast used is equipped with a number of protections as standard, providing more security to your installation. Even with a fluctuating voltage, the electronics ensure a constant output.

Low inrush current

All luminaires are supplied with a low inrush current. The inrush current is the peak load that occurs when starting up an installation. By working with a low switch-on peak it is possible to work with different switch material.

Efficient lamps

The lamps are from the various brands. The lamps are supplied for 750 watts and 1000 watts in the so-called double-ended version. The output of the lamp is displayed in the lamp supplier's documentation.

Connection of the luminaires

The connection of the luminaires is very simple. The ALF750 watt and ALF1000 watts are fitted with the Wieland plug system. This dust and watertight plug-and-play system which ensures fast and safe assembly.




Agrolux Nederland B.V.

Agrolux Nederland B.V.


Descripción del expositor

Welcome at Agrolux, professional supplemental lighting

Agrolux stands for reliable and affordable.

Agrolux stands for a maximum of light output against a minimum of shadow.

That all these characteristics go well together proofs our new generation of electronic lighting fixtures.
Our fixtures can be recognised by it's compact design and ultra modern appearance.




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