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Pabellón / Stand



Carretera Panamericana Sur 290
Ica 11000


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +51 924152534

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Descripción del expositor

Located in Peru’s fertile Ica province, Agricola Los Medanos S.A. specializes in the growing of fresh ORGANIC and Non-GMO fruits.

We adhere to protective ecological measures that reduce our human impact on the environment by using all natural fertilizers in our fields combined with ancient farming techniques that enrich our soils instead of depleting them of their life giving properties. Since our farm is located in the desert, we consider our fresh water sacred, everything on our farm is drip hose irrigated. We also practice social responsibility by introducing our workers to a healthy working environment. We strive to reduce any waste in our business practices and continuously improve our process so that it may further benefit our customers, employees and the environment.