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Teléfono: +51 17392442
Fax: +51 17392442

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Cultivated with the passion of an Artist

Facts & Figures:
AGN SUPERFOODS is a Peruvian company that is part of the MILES IMPORT french business Group, wich is dedicated to the import and export of fresh and exotic agricultural products with more than twenty five years’ experience in agro-export business. We are growers, packers and traders of our own products, which are renowned for their excellent quality.

Products and Services:
We are specializes in gourmet quality Peruvian mangoes ripe tree by air. This fruit is good-sized and have intense red - yellow. Is nourishing, pulp juicy and a pleasant sweet taste. Our mangoes are ripened naturally in the tree, carefully selected and shipped by air, to provide the consumer with real and original flavor.
In our shipments by sea we have the same care in harvesting and packing, fruits healthy with good brix Arrival, longer shelf life and suitable for ready to eat. That’s the case for mangoes, avocados, grapes, citrus, gingers, pomegranates and others.
To this we add our international certifications such as Global Gap, Grasp, organic and social responsibility, so important in the world today.

Mission & Vision
We strives to continually improve products and services to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of customers with high quality, efficiency, commitment and responsibility. The top priorities of the company are contributing to the advancement of their community and protecting the environment, while guaranteeing growth for employees and consolidating good business relationships with strategic partners.

The growing demand for our products because we operate with a good product in times of increased demand and continuously, with effective communication, and respecting the agreed programs.
It is also due to our customers and give value found a big difference in our fruits in relation to the rest of the market. Our fruits retain the real and original flavor field. This is because we are committed to every detail of the process in a personalized way and respecting the natural evolution of the fruit. This means that we maintain the spirit of the principles, not the large volumes, but that of a craft that has in it the passion of an artist.