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  • TOKITA SEED Co., Ltd.

    TOKITA SEED CO., LTD. has been one of the innovators in the internationalization of the seed industry and we continue to  strengthen and expand our product development and marketing all over the world. Through our seed production activities, benefitting from the globalization,  we supply stable high quality seed of a true world standard to the global market. Consequently, our sale territories have…
  • Sundees

    Tokita’s colorful cherry tomato series “Sundees” which includes; Sungreen, Sunlemon, Sungold, Sungrape, Sunpeach, Suncherry, and Sunchocola. Each of their distinctive colors is mostly quite self-explanatory. Sungreen: It is now proven that green can be sweet. There was a time, when “green tomato” meant “not-mature”, but that is past. Our “Sungreen” is truly green and truly contains high…
  • Tomatoberry

    Tomatoberry, named for its strawberry shape that has also been described “heart-like”, is Tokita’renowneded speciality tomato which won the 3rd place for Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in 2008!     Absolutely brilliant in both the appearance and the taste, this shiny red tomato has a very high sugar and amino-acid content. It also contains high level of Lycopene, an Antioxidant considered effective…
  • Fioretto

    Fioretto is Tokita developed stick-type cauliflower. Just break off a single stem and take a bite. You will immediately fall in love with a subtle yet aromatic sweetness. When heated, the lime green stem shines even brighter like a gemstone. With stems that grow to the almost-even length makes its harvesting, packing and cooking as easy as it could be. It is truly “the flower of all cauliflowers”. …
  • Sunzebra

    One of the latest introduction in our lines of the specialty tomato, "Sunzebra" comes in precious four colors: Sunzebra Green Sunzebra Red Sunzebra Pink Sunzebra Yellow Just like their namesake, these tomatoes have distinct and memorizing pattern, and is just beautiful to the eyes like Quail's egg made of bright marble! If you are looking for the combination of “new” and “outstanding”, Sunzebra exactly is it.
  • Sunregalo

    Vine tomato with fruit weighing 16-18g. Resistant to ToMV:2a/ cf9/ Ty3a/ Fol:0.
  • Melon

    Japanes Melons that speak “perfection”, we are introducing 4 varieties to the market; Don Verde, Donna Rosa, Audrey, and Marilyn. Don Verde: Deep green skin covered with fine net, this slightly elongated shape melon weighs 2-2.5 kg. Despite its size that is large for a Japanese Melon, Don Verde has very small cavity and very thick green flesh. Its sweetness is needles to be said. Resistant to Fom 0 and 2, matures in 60 days after flowering. Donna Rosa: Covered in fine net over…
  • Mini Kabocha

    Though small in size, these Mini Kabochas have big taste and qualities. Comes in: green (weight: 430-530g) red (weight: 650-850g) white (weight: 450-550g)
  • Shogun Sweet

    This pumpkin has all the characteristics of what makes Japanese pumpkins so popular. Often described as “chestnut-like”, it has a strong and sweet flavor, and is delicately moist and yet fluffy in texture at the same time. Deep and shiny green on outside, this pumpkin has bright deep orange color and weighs approx. 2kg.
  • Negi

    Straight silky white shank. Negi Ippon comes with rich flavor and is pleasantly sweet when cooked. Excellent for grill, BBQ, and so much more. Negi can be grown in Leek culture field.
  • Ted Inoue

    Contact person of TOKITA SEED Co., Ltd.
    Manager, International Division