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  • Keelings

    • hub27 C-18
    • Hall 27 C-18
    Keelings is a 100% Irish-owned family business, focused on growing, sourcing, shipping, marketing, sales, distributing fresh produce and supplying first-in-class produce-specific ERP software solutions, consultancy and management services. Keelings started producing fruits and salads in the 1930's supplying produce to the local Dublin markets. The Company has expanded to its current size with 5 divisions - Keelings Retail, Keelings Select, Keelings Market, Keelings International and Keelings So…
  • Fruit Producers and Exporters Association Moldova Fruct

    Moldova, Republic of
    • Hall 7.2b B-04
    Moldova Fruct is an association of 170 companies. It is recognized as one of the most important actor in fruit production and export in the Republic of Moldova. Our members offer a wide range of produce that is distinguished by special taste and high quality: apples, plums, table grapes, peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, quinces etc. Besides state-of-the-art plantations, the association’s members have modern cold storages with 95 thousand tons storage capacity, which ensures freshness to…