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  • Crop Monitor- Digitalize your crop registration

    With our Crop Monitor module we provide a data platform for easier crop management. You will be able to reduce the time spent on data collection. Plant and stem detection by QR code will lead to less mistake. You can follow the real-time crop loading diagrams. Establish your database for the Yield Forecast module.
  • Gremon Systems Zrt

    The primary aim of Gremon System Ltd., agricultural IT company, is to provide businesses with professional, innovative and user-friendly decision support systems. The use of these systems makes it possible to optimize the operation of different businesses, to reduce environmental pressure considerably and to cut expenses, even in the short term. Do you feel that you can't see clearly what is going on in your greenhouses, what infections and pest varieties are present in them? Do you sometimes he…
  • Insight Manager- Workflow monitoring system and mobile app

    Insight Manager is a workflow monitoring and decision support system, with the main objective to improve the profitability of your greenhouse. The system provides assistance in tracking workflows in greenhouse and field environment. You can measure more than 50 different variables and adapt and customize them to the needs of your business. We have an Insight Manager application that you can download onto your smartphone. Due to the mobile technology it is economically useable anywhere in the wor…
  • Barbara Kékes-Szabó

  • Trutina - Plant activity evaluation system

    Trutina is able to measure plant weight and the weight trends of a separated growing substrate with hanging or platform based methods. You can get access to the most important data on the physiological changes of your plants, making the strategy for irrigation significantly easier. Our product can calculate the necessary amount of irrigation and drain tendency as well, so you will be able to monitor how your plants react to different circumstances.
  • Yield Forecast- Foresee the volume of your yield

    Up to 97% accuracy in yield prediction More efficient arrangement of labor you can foresee the volume and date of harvest More efficient arrangement of logistics you can foresee the necessary packaging and transport needs More effective and stress-free fulfilment of supplier contracts you can foresee the volume and date of harvest Harmonize the fruit loading, energy consumption, light intensity triangle you can simulate the future based on the actual data