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  • 17L Bucket

    Multipurpose bucket with wire and plastic handle. Resistant to heat and cold. Strong and durable.   Capacity: 17 Liters Dimensions: 25.5cm high x 18cm diameter Material: Flexible Plastic   Uses: Transport of water, sand, construction, fruit picking, among others. Available in black.
  • A product-conscious cool chain

    It is imperative to move and store perishables in specific temperature ranges in order to keep them fresh for as long as possible. This ensures the quality of the products and extends their shelf life, thereby also minimizing waste. 80% of flowers are transported at 2 to 4 °C where possible. Maintaining the cool chain is most challenging during the flight, loading and off-loading procedures. This is why in Nairobi, Kenya, Panalpina Airflo, uses dock seals at its transit warehouse and protective …
  • AB - Receiving hopper

    Functions Suitable for sideways and backwards tipping Internal rubber coating preventing bruises Belt relief bracket mounted over the belt Adjustable belt speed via variator Options 3 types of superstructures for different needs Wheels for mobility Frequency converter Cleats for carrots Variants AB 430 - 400 mm belt - 3 m. long AB 460 - 400 mm belt - 6 m. long AB 630 - 600 mm belt - 3 m. lon…
  • Jaime Abreu

    Trade visitor of Bakundi Exploração Agrícola Lda
    Managing Partner
    Interested in selling / exporting Blueberries. Plantation of 6 Hectares inside a Farm in the North of Portugal (Between Porto and Braga).
  • Carlos Adao

    Trade visitor of berry.pt
    blueberries - berry.pt
    Importers / buyers / retailers of fresh blueberries to Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark, etc. Fresh Blueberries from Portugal
  • Dr. Andreia Afonso

    Trade visitor
  • Air Freight

    Transitex provides a comprehensive range of export and import airfreight services, catering to every specific requirement for various types of goods, time constraints and trading nations. Thanks to our extensive global network of offices and agents, we are in a position to offer the most economical transport solutions, combined with fast and efficient communications. As a specialist in the handling of perishable cargoes, we aim to get the goods to their destination on time, on budget and in o…
  • Nuno Aleixo

    Trade visitor of PGG, Lda

    So Natural innovates on a different product category, with the launch of a Dairy Free solution, based on fresh almonds, as an alternative to Milk. With a very creamy texture, and delicious recipes, these products are made with fresh almonds, and you will certainly feel the difference. Available in 2 recipes: Banana and Cinnmaon Red Fruits Main benefits: Dairy free fresh drink Source of proteins Delicious taste and creamy texture Available formats: 250ml/ 400…
  • AMI Penta Fertilizer Mixer

    AMI PENTA IRRIGATION & FERTILIZER MIXER For optimal growing conditions, plants require the right amount of water on the right time. The Senmatic irrigation and fertilizer mixer ensures that water is delivered to the plants at exactly the right time, in the right amounts, and with the correct nutrients in the correct proportion, concentration and with the pH value constantly adjusted. Furthermore, you can control and adjust remotely from any location using a tablet or smartphone. The irrigation …

    So Natural launches a new category: cold pressed Juices with Apple Cider Vinegar. A range of 3 flavors, with the perfect balance: the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and the sour taste and benefits of apple cider vinegar. 3 varieties: Cucumber, mint and apple cider vinegar Raspberry, pomegranate and apple cider vinegar Turmeric, ginger and apple cider vinegar Main benefits: All the health benefits from apple cider vinegar and fresh fruits and vegetables It helps…
  • ASA-Lift A/S

    ASA-LIFT is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing vegetable harvesters all over the world for more than 80 years. Right after your first contact with ASA-LIFT or any of our dealers, you will encounter a company with one goal: to fulfill your request! Through an open discussion, several possible solutions will be outlined. ASA-LIFT builds on its vast international experience and offers a great deal of innovative and effective solutions to its customers. Topics suc…