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  • "Alpine Premium"

    "Alpine Premium" is our export brand for our fresh apples , pears , cherries ,etc. but also for our dried or frozen apple convenience products. For more details please visit our website : www. alpinepremium.com   

    Product of Brio S.p.A.
    • Hall 2.2 A-04
    The variety of the Organic pepper Cornelio, Alce Nero brand, which is the result of the labor of Brio farm producers and implemented in collaboration with the seed company Enza Zaden, is characterized by the typical form of horn, and for its sweet, delicate flavor that makes it pleasing to palate of the most exigent consumers. Its high digestibility, makes it particularly suitable to be eaten even raw, alone or as completion of a salad, enriching it with its delicate flavor although keeping the …
  • "Extra" Baby Leaf by Syngenta

    Product of Syngenta Seeds B.V.
    • Hall 1.2 D-16
    Shelf-life, colours and differentiated shapes for a consistent salad bag presentation are the drivers for Syngenta baby leaves assortment. You have certainly heard about Crispita red and green, Adelita batavia, multui leaves green, mini romaines... if not : Come to discover our wide and colorfull range of Babyleaves ! You want to mix color, shape and flavor in a practicle way for your growers and processors : we can provide you expertise for such challenge our specialist will be happy to shar…
  • "Pook" coconut chips

    Product of PookSpaFoods GmbH
    • Hall 21 C-13
    Thai coconuts are amazing, a rich source of the "good for you kind" of fats, protein, fiber and minerals. It's no wonder they are known as the "Tree of Life" to the Thai people. And in the unique form of my naturally sweet & savory coconut chips, they become a delicious and versatile whole food snack that tastes great and is still nutritious for you. It really is a superfood that can stave off that nagging hunger while nourishing that much needed energy! And oh yeah, cannot forget it is perfect …
  • (Bio) Banana

  • 1-MCP

    • Hall 26 C-05
    1-MCP is the Most effective ethylene inhibitor A breakthrough technology in fruit storage and shipping Maintains fresh-picked quality of crops by working with natural ripening process: With 1-MCP, ethylene-sensitive crops don't respond to ethylene Eliminates the damaging affects of ethylene to keep the fresh-picked quality to the consumer. 1-MCP product can be used in several ethylene-sensitive fruits, vegetables and flowers. By effectively inhibiting the effect of endogenous and exogenous ethy…
  • 1-MCP

    1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene) is a synthetic hydrocarbon molecule that interacts with the ethylene receptor and inhibits the response of fruit or plant to ethylene. It is a postharvest tool for counteracting undesirable effects of ethylene on harvested fruits and vegetables during transport and storage 1-MCP powder is mainly used for ornamental plants; cut flowers; and harvested fruits and vegetables in enclosed indoor sites, such as coolers, truck trailers, greenhouses, storage facilities, and s…
  • 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MC)

    Component C4H6 molecular weight: 54.09 chemical structural formula: Effect The apples harvested with proper maturity, under the good management condition, will have the following effect after treatment: 1. Alleviate the occurrence of the apple superficial scald. 2. Keep the color of apples. 3. Maintain the firmness of the fruit. 4. Maintain the flavor. 5. Extend the storage life and prolong the shelf life obviously and evidently. Attentions 1. MCP could lower the respiration intensity …
  • 1110 ASA-LIFT cabbage harvester MK-1000

    Product of Andershornstein AB
    • Hall 6.1 B-18
    for filling into big boxes only 10 ha total Asa-Lift MK-1000 cabbage harvester for big boxes Year model 2003. Hydraulic turnable forks for turning the boxes to gentle filling of the cabbage. Hedgehog belt. Hydraulic rotating torpedoes and also normal standard torpedoes is included. Complete new rubber straps in the harvest section is mounted. The machine is in very good condition, little used have gone total 10 hectares in test cultivation of cabbage.
  • 128 cells trays

    Product of SPID TRAYS
    • Hall 5.1 B-03
    Trays suitable for flower young plants: crafted plants, vegetative reproduction. Tray in Danish size (54x30cm) with feet stackable.
  • 16 bayerische Kartoffelerzeugergemeinschaften

    • Hall 21 E-11
    Die 16 bayerischen Kartoffelerzeugergemeinschaften sorgen für eine regionale Versorgung der Verbraucher mit Kartoffeln oder liefern den Rohstoff für Pommes, Knödelteig und Co. direkt aus der Umgebung, ohne lange Transportwege .
  • 17L Bucket

    • Hall 8.2 A-11
    Multipurpose bucket with wire and plastic handle. Resistant to heat and cold. Strong and durable.   Capacity: 17 Liters Dimensions: 25.5cm high x 18cm diameter Material: Flexible Plastic   Uses: Transport of water, sand, construction, fruit picking, among others. Available in black.