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Via della Palustela 10
38010 Romeno

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Product description

With Z11, pickers also not particularly experienced, are able to collect individually up to 350 kg/hour, with no particular effort and without having to lift heavy baskets full of fruits. Six people, simultaneously employable on a single machine for the collection, can pick up to 50 standard bins in 8 hours (15.500 kg), all while preserving the integrity of the fruits and minimizing possible dents.
All this is possible thanks to the development of special electromechanical conveyor belts which convey apples gently into the automatic bin filler.
Zucal Apple System has both front-wheel drive with hydraulic motor (with the possibility of release under strain) and twin wheels with quick coupling for a better grip on muddy ground for an unbeatable stability.
The models can be transformed, in a few minutes, in a practical self-propelled hydraulic platform with a height from 0.50 m to 280 and width from 1.50 m to 2.50 m.
On that you can apply compressors and other equipment so it is ideal in the periodical maintenance of your orchards such as: the positioning of the anti-hail nets, the pruning, the distribution of dispensers, the manual thinning and others.
The engine is quiet and compact and requires minimum and easy maintenance.
The front wheel steers with a self centering electrohydraulic control. The 3-cylinder diesel engine of 950 cm/cubic ensures appropriate power and a minimum fuel consumption, both in times of travel - from 0 to 5 km/h - and in those of use of the hydraulic controlled devices - loading and unloading bins, hydraulic movements of the platforms, etc.
The machine is equipped with a trailer for towing empty bins, connected through a adjustable drawbar also hydraulically self centering, which reduces to a minimum - only 4 meters - the turning circle at the end of the row.
Its compact dimensions make it easy to use it in rows from 2.80 to 4.80 meters wide and be easy sheltered in your garage.


Power engine: Diesel Perkins 950 cm3
Fuel consumption: 0,9 liters/hour
Traction: posterior or all wheel drive
Lenght: 420 cm  165 in
Width: 150 cm   59 in
Hight from ground: 25 cm – 9,8 in
Tires: 27 x 10,50-15   6-ply Tubeless - twin posterior wheels*
Conveyor belts: nr. 2 anterior 2,1 m lenght each - nr. 2 central 1 m lenght each - nr. 2 superiors*
Collectors: nr. 6 people per machine (8 people with 6 conveyor belts)
Production: 350 kg/h/person
Platforms height: min 50 cm   max  220 cm
Minimum width: 160 cm
Maximum width: 300 cm
Weight: 2300 Kg


The machine is equipped with anti-rollover electronic control according to new European regulations


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