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Exhibitor profile

Horticultural projects with IQ

Over the past decades, Van der Hoeven greenhousebuilders B.V. has increasingly evolved from a company specialising in greenhouse construction to a provider of turn-key projects. The greenhouses, including all the crucial installations, we design and manufacture ourselves. This in-house development enables us to meet customer-specific requirements in a most flexible way. Based in the very heart of the major Dutch horticultural production region, we have gained a huge amount of first-hand practical experience over the years. We approach each project separately to find the best way of meeting our customers’ wishes and their specific cultivation requirements. Also if those wishes and requirements should call for innovative solutions.

Van der Hoeven is a professionally run organisation that still shows the characteristics of the family company from which it originated. You may expect a high level of commitment from our employees. You will find yourself dealing with enthusiastic specialists in all fields and at all levels - specialists who enjoy searching for the right solutions and who are not afraid of embarking on a new course to find them.

The world around us is changing at an incredibly fast pace. The future shortage of fossil fuels forces us to search for alternative energy sources. Water will become scarcer, so cultivation methods will have to allow for water recycling. Today’s consumers want to know the origins of horticultural produce and demand better guaranteed food safety. All over the world growers are expected to meet more stringent environmental standards. The number of consumers capable of purchasing fresh vegetables and ornamental products is growing in emerging industrial countries. For consumers, sound cultivation methods are moreover increasingly becoming a decisive criterion in the selection of vegetables and ornamental products. Sustainability is their key concern. And production that is now restricted to a few centres in the world will become more global. It’s now up to the greenhouse horticulture sector to find ways of meeting those challenges. The sector already has the necessary knowhow. And it’s more than willing and ready to take up the challenges. Over the years, our sector has time and again proven that it is capable of pushing back frontiers. Frontiers in the fields of efficiency, technology and food safety. We shouldn’t underestimate the challenges currently facing our sector. But effective use of our various specialisations and the efficient cooperation that characterises our sector will enable us to increase our outputs while using fewer resources. And to make our production methods and produce safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. There are already numerous companies that are setting the right example. Van der Hoeven is one of those companies. Since 1953 we have been making continuous efforts to find ways of raising greenhouse horticulture to a higher level. We are ready to shape the future.

We establish projects all over the world, from Europe to Australia, from Asia to North/South America. Van der Hoeven has long-term partnerships with countless satisfied customers. We will gladly enter into a similar partnership with you too. If our approach appeals to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about what we do or check our website!