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Quality grows

Together we increase your efficiency in greenhouse growing
Van Dijk Heating is an innovative company specialized in technical climate solutions for modern greenhouse horticulture. Since its founding in 1976 our company develops and produces high-quality equipment for the utilization of waste-heat, for central dosing of CO2, for improving the greenhouse climate, for energy saving and for the disinfection of drain-water. Next to this, customers see their efficiency increase through the use of our equipment such as turbulators in boilers and heat exchangers.
Our expertise is reflected in our products but also in our advice for optimal usage. We like to advise our customers in the field of heat- and pipeline calculations or comprehensive climate issues.
The technical products and the accompanied advise are of high quality, aimed at long-lasting,  increasing efficiency. Our products are used worldwide and are distributed globally through greenhouse builders and contractors.
Our newest innovative sustainable, energy saving, solutions are a drainwater disinfecting system (Ecoster) and a greenhouse climate system (AVS WTW).
Our Ecoster Hybride is a customizable drainwater disinfecting system that improves the quality of your growth by killing 99,9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Van Dijk Heating has developed this innovative ECOSTER Hybrid, which is partly custom made. Complete disinfection is guaranteed by heating at 85 degrees Celsius for 180 seconds. The Ecoster is conducted appropriate to the existing heating system, gas burner or electric element . This development has led to an operating system that functions optimally and has low maintenance costs.
To improve the greenhouse climate we have developed the new Active Ventilation System with Heat Exchange ( AVS WTW) . This sustainable system utilizes the energy from the hot and humid greenhouse air and thus achieves considerable energy savings . Depending on the energy price , the payback period is approximately 3 years . Made of high quality polypropylene plastic this AVS WTW has an extra long lifespan.
Van Dijk Heating covers the whole area of climate systems in greenhouses, including
Flue Gas Condenser
CO2 dosing unit
Learn more about our extensive range of technical applications and visit

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