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Product description

The world’s appetite for fresh products is growing, owing to constantly changing consumer behavior in Western countries and rising incomes and increasing populations, specifically in Asia-Pacific. Transported volumes in the perishables industry are growing year on year, while they stagnate or shrink in other industries.

Kenya’s flower business, for example, is literally flourishing, with expected annual export growth rates of around 5%. The perishables industry does not go through cycles and is generally recession proof. Even during crisis times, when imports tend to diminish as consumers spend less, the demand for perishables, particularly fresh and frozen meat and fish, fruit, vegetables and dairy products, stays high.

Asia-Pacific has the greatest development potential for perishables in the coming years, both as a region of production and consumption. China and India are already the world’s largest producers of apples and bananas, respectively. However, most of these fruits are consumed locally and very little is exported. Production in Asia-Pacific will increase – and with it cross-trade between countries of this region – as infrastructure and production techniques continue to improve. To a great extent, Asia Pacific’s growing appetite for fresh products will be fed by Africa as well as South and Central America. Exports from South Africa and Kenya to China in particular are expected to go up. China is also a large and growing market for high quality Western artisan products such as cheese and wine.

New transport routes and equipment, better packaging and more varied products can also drive market opportunities in Western countries. In the near future, Kenyan flowers will find their way to U.S. consumers and Australian mangoes to European consumers, for example.

The growth perspectives and the global nature of the perishables business make it attractive. DSV will further expand its perishables footprint, either through organic growth or bolt-on acquisitions. With our perishables expertise, global network, in-house Charter Network and excellent relationships and buying power with airlines and container shipping lines, we can support you in existing and new markets. DSV embraces new transport routes and technologies. In ecommerce, we see a game changer for the perishables industry that will enable additional growth at the consumer level. Consequently, the development of ecommerce solutions for flowers and other fresh products is high up on our agenda, as the ”virtual market” develops. Be part of it!

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DSV Panalpina A/S

DSV Panalpina A/S


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Success in the perishables industry depends on a logistics provider that can ensure perishables are safely and efficiently steered through the cool chain on the way to their final destination.

At DSV, we know exactly how much love growers put into the cultivation and production of fruits, vegetables and flowers. We also know how difficult it is for wholesalers and retailers to procure fresh products from all over the world punctually to the consumer in peak condition. Our main concern is providing a tailor-made quality service for products we care about.

The DSV Perishables Network provides an unrivaled travel experience for perishables, and this experience begins long before the actual journey – for example here in Berlin.

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