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Product description

Eye-catching, cluster cherry toms with an excellent sweet: acid balance, field fresh tomato flavor & long shelf life.

TT-775- Perfection Collection- The Perfect Grape Tomato. 16 gr, Intensive red color with an aromatic flavor.
TT-779- Sweet Rainbow Collection- The Perfect Grape Tomato. 20-22 gr, yellow (lemon), snacking tomato.
TT-783- Perfection Collection- Mini plum 25 gr, Strong red color with a vivid green cluster.
TT-785 - Perfection Collection- Mini plum 18 gr, Shiny red color with a vivid green cluster.
TT-796- Flavor Mates Collection- 120 gr Old style tomato flavor. Medium is your new high!
TT-797- Flavor Mates Collection- Medium cocktail on the vine, high flavor and high brix.
TT-788- Divine Collection- Red Cherry cluster, The perfect balance between sweetness acidity self life and yield. Simply Divine - the smallest are always the sweetest!
TT-413- Olympus Collection- Beef Tomato- old style appearance (semi Marmande), one slice for one hamburger!
TT-768- Tiny Toms Collection- 17 gr brown mini plum. Once you pop , you can't stop!
TT-769- Tiny Toms Collection- 12 gr orange mini plum. Once you pop , you can't stop!

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Tomatech R&D LTD

Tomatech R&D LTD


Exhibitor profile

TomaTech is a dynamic and creative boutique Tomato Seed company, that focuses exclusively on developing innovative, superior quality, hybrid tomatoes using advanced molecular technology research combined with classical breeding techniques.

Our aim is to develop and introduce a new standard of tomatoes with high flavors and high nutrition values without compromising on productivity and quality of the fresh product. We strive to breed innovative products that will add value all the way along the chain. We are passionate about delivering superior quality products and service.

At TomaTech we tailor our products to meet the needs of our customers through our market-led breeding programs. We combine our unique genetics with a creative go to market approach for the benefit of our customers.
We offer a professional, personalized service that is attentive, flexible and responsible. We are committed to breeding top quality tomato varieties to meet each customer’s needs.

TomaTech is comprised of a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who endeavor to develop top quality tomato seeds that will always deliver best in class.

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