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The Harmony Collection : A Composition of Flavors & Colors,

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Product description

Harmony is TomaTech’s reserve collection of 4 exceptional, branded tomatoes each offering a unique gourmet eating experience. Toma'Muse, Sugardrop® , ToMelody & Cantando are each a distinctive and appealing composition of flavor, color, texture, size & shape.

Brought to you by premium breeding company, TomaTech, in collaboration with 4 world leading produce companies: Mastronardi Produce (Canada), Stoffels (Belgium) La-Palma (Spain) & Perfection Fresh (Australia).
This unique “breeder – fresh producer” collaboration is one of the first of its kind; TomaTech, the breeder owns the variety, while the fresh producers own the product trademark and market the brand in their respective markets under a global name. This distinctive “go to market” strategy allows the brand to span over 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Australia) making it one of the only international brands of its kind. Toma'Muse delivers a full sensory experience; its distinctive shape, color, texture and outstanding flavor make it the ultimate culinary tomato.
Sophisticated and special, Toma'Muse will inspire you.

Sugardrop® - A red mini plum on the vine. 15g of perfect flavor & texture, attractive shiny, intense red color, strong plant characterized by short internodes. Sugardrop's® special sweetness and bite-size make them a nutritious sweet treat.
Sugardrop® is under agreement with Gomez, the main fresh producer and supplier of Tesco in the UK and has shown remarkable 20% year on year growth since being made available year round. Following this success, Sugardrop® will be rolled out to EU markets.
Sugardrop® - Sweet, delicious & nutritious!

is a good, tasty 80-90 gr cocktail tomato that’s easy to eat. With an attractive red color, pleasant, fruity aroma, firm but juicy texture and convenient fruit size it suits all your culinary needs.
FlavorTom is your affable and easy going friend in the kitchen. Always there to help you with its good, tasty, sweet and easy to eat flavor - Firm and juicy, FlavorTom adds flavor to all your meals.

Savorino is a 70 gr round cocktail tomato with long shelf life . Savorino is a characterful combination of distinctive sweet and zesty flavor, with a surprising herby/spicy bite that you want to savor; attractive red color, pleasant fruity, sweet aroma and convenient fruit size.
Savorino is an interesting and characterful friend in the kitchen. Always surprising you with its distinctive and outstanding flavors that make you want to savor it. Savorino is the surprise in your salad and soup.

Tomelody - A yellow Asian heirloom inspired mini plum tomato, a striking pear shape combined with attractive lemon color & excellent flavor, perfect for a healthy lunchbox treat ! Grows on vigorous plants with more then 25 fruit per truss. Tomelody - Sweet and special, like a melody on the tongue. Tomelody is under agreement with Mastronardi for NAFTA and sold exclusively online by a leading internet retailer under the name ‘Sun Soaked’.

Cantando - An orange mini plum, good intense flavor and pleasant texture The perfect combination of candy and tomato for kids, young & old!. Good generative, balanced plant with short internodes. Cantando - As sweet as candy!

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Tomatech R&D LTD

Tomatech R&D LTD


Exhibitor profile

TomaTech is a dynamic and creative boutique Tomato Seed company, that focuses exclusively on developing innovative, superior quality, hybrid tomatoes using advanced molecular technology research combined with classical breeding techniques.

Our aim is to develop and introduce a new standard of tomatoes with high flavors and high nutrition values without compromising on productivity and quality of the fresh product. We strive to breed innovative products that will add value all the way along the chain. We are passionate about delivering superior quality products and service.

At TomaTech we tailor our products to meet the needs of our customers through our market-led breeding programs. We combine our unique genetics with a creative go to market approach for the benefit of our customers.
We offer a professional, personalized service that is attentive, flexible and responsible. We are committed to breeding top quality tomato varieties to meet each customer’s needs.

TomaTech is comprised of a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who endeavor to develop top quality tomato seeds that will always deliver best in class.

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