Solidus Videcart S.A.


CTRA Pamplona - Aoiz S/N
31486 Ibiricu de Egües

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Phone: +34 948 168335
Fax: +34 948 168336

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We protect quality in the most efficient way

VIDECART S.A., founded in 1974, currently is a part of THE SOLIDUS GROUP. Our main activity is focused on the conversion of various packaging products made with cardboard. We are located a few kilometres from Pamplona (Spain). It employs 100 people.
The group is formed by vertically integrated companies related to the solid: by collectors of waste paper, production Mills, converters, and cores manufacturer. Our company obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1999.
VIDECART, S.A. was a leading manufacturer of agricultural packaging for over 40 years. with a well-deserved reputation for his innovative ideas. VIDECART. S.A as part of THE SOLIDUS GROUP is proud to meet solutions for the needs of our customers, through the use of our wide range of products and expertise, both technical and logistical.We have specialized in the production of high-quality cardboard packaging for agriculture. Our main features are: high resistance under compression, high resistance to friction and threat from the outside, moisture resistance, leak-proof (optional) waterproof (optional), high-quality impression, rapid transmission under cold conditions, variety ox external layers and thickness, efficient storage and environmentally friendly. In fact, 97% of our raw materials are recyclable and biodegradable.

We produce the boxes in two different ways: the traditional one to be erected in a machine and hand-folded (Videpack). It is an easy to use field and recommended directly for companies or non-machine packaging. Videpack is optimized, so once it is open, pressure on the columns to make, until they are set up, the field ready for use in automated production lines or manually. High-quality prints offer the product with a stunning occurs. Field registered combined with the use of a high-resistance materials such cardboard and the field is very high resistance. We emphasise its high load capacity and its resistance during transport. Unlike plastic trays, Videpack is used only once, meaning maximum hygiene, as well as savings in disinfectant products for cleaning, if packaging to be returned.

Videpack has been tested in four continents. In a global market, where environmental consciousness of the utmost importance, is VIDECART S.A your optimal partner posible the packaging to give your products, which they deserve.

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