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09 BP 634 Abidjan 09
Cote d'Ivoire


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +225 07082200

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The company “Route pour le Commerce de Fruits et Denrées” (ROCFED) is an Ivorian enterprise created in 2016, whose objectives are the production and the promotion of the export of fruits, vegetables, spices and their transformation.
The core products are mango, coconut, pineapple and turmeric. Concerned about the food safety of the consumer, ROCFED is committed to the respect of the requirements of the European Union regarding phytosanitary aspects.
As part of its production and export activities, ROCFED has established commercial contracts with its producers, of whom some are independent farmers, and others organized in cooperatives.
Before the fruits are exported, all farmers bring their produced mangos, coconuts etc. to the ROCFED packing station, where the sorting and sizing of the fruits takes place. In return, ROCFED provides the farmers with agricultural advice and financial support in terms of pre-financing for the maintenance and start-up of their farm.
The aim is to improve the productivity and yield of the farmers' farms in a modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


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