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Product description

Both consumers and retailers dislike unripe produce. Consumers because they don’t like to wait, retailers because they don’t want to sacrifice expensive storage facilities while Nature finishes her job. That’s why we guarantee ripeness on all deliveries. Thanks to our advanced technology and forced-air ripening facilities, we can not only monitor but also control the ripeness of even notoriously difficult fruits like avocado’s and mango’s with pin-point accuracy.

Ready to eat mangos, avocados and papayas are currently available. We expect to broaden the range to include other fruit types shortly.

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Special Fruit NV

Special Fruit NV


Exhibitor profile

Special Fruit grows, packs, ripens and markets delicious berries, exotics and vegetables. The Belgium based company supplies retailers, foodservice and wholesalers throughout the continent and offers them yearround availability. Their own berry production in the backyard of their Spanish hub and in the North European plain plus a worldwide sustainable sourcing keeps the fruitspecialist at the top of their game.

What we offer
  • a constant aiming for the highest quality
  • a year-round delivery
  • the best price/quality relation due to worldwide sourcing by our specialized product managers
  • mixed pallets & tailor-made packaging solutions
  • assistance in your promotions
  • full logistic services & complete supply chain solutions

Facts & Figures
Turnover > 150 million euro, around 170 employees (fix), 11.000 m² warehouse, customer base in 26 European countries (retail, wholesale, food service) worldwide supplier base, strong partnerships

Our home brands
BestChoice and BerryFresh

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