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Production of Fruit & Vegetables In Turkey
Turkey’s fresh fruit & vegetable production is approximately 48 million tons.
What is remarkable with the Turkish fresh fruit industry is not only the great diversity in the number of fruits grown but also the astonishing quantity of the total produce, about 18 million tons. The fresh produce grown in Turkey mainly consists of grape-like fruits, pomefruits, stone fruits and citrus fruits.
 Turkey is the world leader in the production of Apricots (%18 of world production), Cherries (20% of world prod.), Figs and Quinces (25% of world prod. for each) and Grapes (6% of world production).
Citrus fruits have always been a traditional export item of Turkey. The citrus fruit production in 2014 season is approximately 3,6 million tons. Oranges being the most important  variety with an output of 1,6 million tons, the production of other varieties are as follows; soft citrus 942.226 tons and lemon 726.283 tons, grapefruit 228.799 tons.
30 million tons of vegetables is produced annually in Turkey. Tomatoes take the first place in production with an output of 11,8 million tons in 2013. Potatoes (4,7 million tons), Pepper (1,7 million tons), Cucumber (1,7 million tons)  and Eggplant (799.000 tons) follow  it.

Many vegetables are available all the year round due to the adaptation of undercover production techniques. Major products grown undercover are tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, melons, aubergines, green beans, squashes.

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Mediterranean Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Exporters Association

Mediterranean Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Exporters Association


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Mediterranean Exporter Associations
Mediterranean Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Exporters' Association

Products: Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Company: Trade and Professional Organisation

Contact Person: Mehmet Ali ERKAN (Secretary General)

The Mediterranean Exporter Associations, settled in Mersin- in the Southeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, is leading the function of Turkish Coordinator for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Sector. It has currently about 2.956 members exporting fresh fruit & vegetables out of a total of 15.000 members from other sectors.

You can reach all of the exporters of fresh fruits & vegetables from Turkey via and exporter of citrus fruit via

Turkey’s fresh fruit & vegetable production is approximately 52 million tons of which is 30 million tons vegetables and 22 million tons fruits.

Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable export amounts 4,5 million tons in 2018. Total value of the export have reached 2.3 billion $. Within the sector; exports of citrus fruit have been 2 million tons while fresh fruit exports have been 1.1 million tons and fresh vegetable export have been 1.3 million tons. The revenue derived from exports of these commodity groups have been 893 million $ for citrus fruits, 825 million $ for fresh fruits and 593 million $ for fresh vegetables.

Turkey exports most of its fresh fruit and vegetable to Russian Federation. This market constitutes a 28% market share of Turkey’s total fruit and vegetable export with 659 million $. Iraq is the second important market with 10 % market share with 242 million $. Germany is the third important market with 204 million $ fresh fruit and vegetable export with 9% market share. Romania, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia are the other important export markets of Turkey.

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