Carretera Palau, km.1
25230 Mollerussa (Lleida)

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Focus on Excellence

Looking forward, bearing in mind the knowledge we have gained through experience. Our goal remains unchanged: to achieve and maintain excellence. It is our commitment.

A matter of principles
Nufri is committed to provide the best customer service and ensure the quality of its products, continually focused on improvement and seize opportunities offered by the market. Thanks to this mindset, it’s one of the leaders in horticulture.

Open trade with all the 5 continents
Nufri produces, imports and markets worldwide. The company, which enjoys international recognition, is constantly study the possibility of crating new links with other markets. This is the kay to open new horizons and go further.

We know the land
Nufri has studied the geographic areas to determine where the cultivation of certain fruits or vegetables gives best results to satisfy consumer demand. This has led to diversification of production on lands located in diverse regions, which are known for their specialized crop production.

Specialists of being specialists
Nufri has the ability to distribute a wide variety of fresh products throughout the year, and also handle the industrial processing of fruit, offering a wide range of concentrated juices and purees with guaranteed origin of the raw materials for industrial transformation. Moreover, the company has invested in various forms of energy production: solar, cogeneration, from biomass and hydraulics. Nufri also offers full range of logistics services to its customers.

From beginning to the end ...
From nursery to distribution, traceability allows Nufri tracking their products at all stages. Monitoring and record keeping at all phases of the production line, guarantees the quality of the raw material.

Moreover, vertical integration of the Group ensures its presence in complementary and additional business areas, such as the industrial processing of fruit and distribution in core markets. This enables to have a quick response to demand and global services.

Results that speak for themselves
Nufri handles more than 400,000 tons of fresh and industrial raw materials every year, distributed in over 40 countries around the world. In order to ensure optimal preservation and specific production, it utilizes:
  • More than 70,000 tons of positive cold (0°C).
  • More than 20,000 tons of negative cold (-20°C).
  • More than 70,000 tons of refrigerated aseptic warehouse capacity.

Places of production and fruit produced
S.A.T Nº 1596 “NUFRI”
Crta. de Palau KM.125230
  • Apples: Golden, Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith
  • Pears: Conference, Blanquilla, Williams, Alexandrine, Ercolini, Sta. Maria, etc.

Belver de Cinca (Huesca)
Picking and packing warehouse
  • Stone fruit: Peaches, Nectarines, Flat peaches, Flat nectarines, Apricots.

Andalucia, south Spain two own farm with 800 ha.
Gibraleon (Huelva)
Picking and packing warehouse
Las Herrumbres (Huelva)
La Trinidad (Sevilla)
  • Citrus: oranges, clementines and grapefruit.

La Rasa (Soria), north Spain 950 m. high
Farm, picking and packing warehouse, biggest farm in Europe with 1000 ha.
  • Apples: Golden, Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Envy® and Evelina®.

Crta. de Palau KM.1

Nufri local offi ces in Spain:
Mercabarna (Barcelona) Longitudinal, 9 nº 64
Distribution warehouse

Mercabarna (Barcelona) Pabellón B, puestos del 2011 a 2014
Wholesale stalls

Mercamadrid (Madrid) Calle, 42 Parcela G-1B
Distribution warehouse

Mercamadrid (Madrid) Pabellón B, puestos 35-37
Wholesale stalls

Mercasevilla (Sevilla) Nave 3C, 1-3
Wholesale stalls

Ctra. LV-3321 de El Palau d’Angesola a El Poal

Almacén A-12 - M.A.R.L. (LISBOA)

Turnover: 350.000.000 €


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