Meccanica Zucal snc di F.lli Paolo, Sergio & Emanuele


Via della Palustela 10
38010 Romeno

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Phone: +39 0463 875300
Fax: +39 0463 875544

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Meccanica Zucal has been operating for over 25 years.
We are a leading Company specialized in the design and production of machinery for automated internal handling of fruit.
Know-how, experience, dedication and skill: these are the hallmarks of our Company.
Ongoing technological updates and collaboration with highly qualified companies and professionals ensure deft handling of the most complex designs, allowing winning synergies in the context of an offer which has taken shape in various countries over the world.
The capacity to satisfy the various needs of companies from the design to the realization phase makesMeccanica Zucal an ideal partner that comes up to all expectations, as is proved by the over 100,000 wagon equivalent to 1,000,000 tons of goods handled so far. 
Meccanica Zucal stands for research, design, quality of materials, precision, reliability and, above all, innovation.
Innovation is often born of the alternative use of concepts and the simplest, most effective solutions, together with a great deal of experience, which has made it possible to come up with a harvest truck, unique of its kind, which satisfies all the modern farmer’s needs. 

We can construct special conveyor belts meant for a wide range of customer needs for internal handling of packed fruit.
We are aware that in an automated fruit handling system, the most delicate point is certainly the weighing; this is why we have put all our experience to good use in designing completely automated systems which dialog with the entire plant dynamic and stop and go weighing systems with minimum tolerances of +/- 1 g.
Our labelling systems are characterized by top quality as regards accuracy and reliability over time, guaranteeing great flexibility in printing of data and correct precise application of the label on each package.
Palletization of packed fruit is our strong point, as we can palletize different types of packages automatically with extreme accuracy.
Experience built up over the years has led to high level solutions for safely conveying palletizer platforms from the work area to the strapping and dispatch area.
We offer automatic strapping machines with corner applications and various sized straps to guarantee a palletized product ready for transport.
With the Zucal Apple System unskilled pickers can single-handedly pick up to 350 kg/hour, without great effort and without lifting heavy baskets laden with fruit. Six persons can work simultaneously on a single machine for picking up to 50 standard bins in 8 hours, 

all this while maintaining the fruit intact and minimizing possible bruising. All this, thanks to special electro-mechanical conveyor belts which gently convey the apples to the automatic box-filling system.

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