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Gurgaon, Haryana Plot No. 18, Sector-06, IMT Manesar
Gurgaon 122052


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +91 98143 09000

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Keep-it fresh LLP offers innovative solutions for post-harvest protection of fresh produce, ensuring optimal air quality during transportation and storage. This improves the quality and maintains the good state of fruit, vegetables and flowers in the entire supply chain
The KIF Shelf life extension solutions is based on innovative technology that absorb the harmful ethylene gas, unrequired moisture and causing volatile bacterial inhibition (VBI) hence slowing the ripening and rotting process and increasing the shelf life of the packed and stored produce. KIF solutions have undergone rigorous trials and observational studies to guarantee the freshness in packed corrugated boxes, export standard packs, storage packs,punnet boxes and crate packaging. KIF solutions are completely safe to use with edibles as all the KIF solution types are FDA approved and has worldwide certifications.
All the KIF solution types are nature friendly and biodegradable, it causes no harm to mother nature as it is based on chemical free technology. KIF is made up of natural minerals (clay) and get completely decomposed within 2-2.5 months by its own through natural phenomenon.

Keep It Fresh produce and market : Ethylene Absorbers, MAP Bags, Scrubber Machine, Ethylene Sachets, Grape Guard Sheets. Grape Pad, SO2 Sheets, Ethylene Filter Tubes , Ethylene Filter Curtains , Oxygen Absorbers, Bio Degradable Packaging

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Asif Amrohi

Principal Advisor
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We are looking for packaging distributors , fruit and vegetable packers , fruit and vegetable growers, fruit and vegetable exporter, fruit and vegetable supply chain managment, super markets , fruit and vegetable retailers, cold storage supply chain