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Exhibitor profile

"Innovation is at the heart of our company"

Who are we ?

Janny MT is a French company specialized in controlled atmosphere in small volumes.
Janny MT proposes also an industrial air/watertight storage and transport module.
Janny MT benefits from an expertise that is combined with a cutting edge, efficient production.

Our team :
Janny MT is a team of experienced specialists, constantly searching to improve quality. A young, creative and highly reactive team that offers innovative solutions dedicated to Agriculture and Food Industry.

Research and development :
A department orientated towards new technologies that is always attentive to the requirements of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Quality and competitiveness in preservation are the key objectives of the company.

Our objectives :
Janny MT is a creative company working with agricultural and industrial customers. Our aim is to offer Controlled Atmosphere modules that are increasingly easy to use and adapted to each variety. The company has been searching for 10 years in order to set up a flexible equipment dedicated to the storage of fresh and perishable produces under Controlled Atmosphere. The products offered by Janny MT satisfy a clearly defined requirement: Improving the preservation of fresh products at the lowest possible cost.

Janny MT developed a system in order to satisfy this demand from fruit and vegetable producers, at a competitive price, called Tiempo Cap. By adapting to a standard industrial box, the “Tiempo Cap” brings equivalent results to Controlled Atmosphere (CA) in the 610 liters units that can be stored in classic cold rooms. This process is used for a wide range of fruits (apples, cherries, plums, kiwis, pears, currants…), of vegetables (asparagus, leeks, lamb’s lettuces, broad beans…), of flowers (roses, tulips,…) and mushroom (chanterelles…).

We also offer a new equipment for the preservation, processing, storage and transport of a wide range of products in Food Industry. This equipment is composed of independent units with an integrated hermetic closing system. Each unit is composed of an innovative lid and an industrial plastic bulk container.
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