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How processors benefit: Consistent crop quality and maximum payback

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Product description

Food chain partnership enables processors to better understand downstream quality requirements and translate them into quality demands for their upstream partners. Processors no longer have to buy from “anonymous“ producers and can even trace crops back to the field. Traceability and transparency make ongoing quality improvements possible. Processors know
where their crops come from and can identify and systematically eliminate any weak spots in the production process. Here, experts from Bayer CropScience arc at band to provide advice and support. Processors benefit from the consistently high quality of crops, which minimises losses during processing and storage, and maximises their return on investment.

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Bayer AG Crop Science Division

Bayer AG Crop Science Division


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Pragmatic facilitator and responsible partner

Working in partnerships from field to fork brings benefits to every player in the food chain. Bayer acts as a facilitator in our so called Food Chain Partnerships, proactively bringing together the various partners in the food chain to work on sustainable crop solutions. At Bayer, we strongly believe that our responsibility for the food chain goes far beyond just selling crop protection and seeds products. By advising farmers and cooperatives on integrated crop management (ICM), supporting sustainable agriculture and promoting transparent production processes, we ensure traceability from field to fork – and therewith contribute to satisfy customers who can buy high-quality, reasonably priced fruit and vegetables where and when they want.

Global Player and local specialist

As a global player, Bayer has the resources to make Food Chain Partnership work all over the globe. For Turkish grape exporters and Spanish pepper farmers. For farmer associations in Morocco and Malaysia’s Agricultural Ministry. For fruit and vegetable exporters in Peru and the UK’s food industry. Bayer Food Chain Partnership is a global network with in-depth local expertise in 44 countries. We drive 524 Food Chain Partnership initiatives with other players in the value chain in 76 different crops with mutual success for all involved.

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