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Via Pontina KM 47,400
04011 Aprilia (LT) Latina


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +39 06 9282113
Fax: +39 06 9281248

Exhibitor profile

We are working in the fresh fruit and vegetable market for over 30 years and we guarantee our products thanks to our scheduling with associated companies which are on our national territory.
Established in order to consolidate and develop the relationship between production and modern distribution, Gruppo Produttori Agrí srl is connected with the best farms in the most fertile production areas of our country, especially in central-south Italy where is located our conditioning and dispensing centre. Agrì is a “system” representing a resource of knowledge and productive local traditions oriented towards the final market.    
The product range of the best local products comes from Italy and in particular from Lazio, and includes  many specialities coming from all around the world. 
Gruppo Produttori Agrí srl makes steadily investments in production and facilities that allow its steady growth in clients and in the volume of carried wares nowadays more than 500.000 quintals.
Gruppo Produttori Agrí srl offers with its range of products:
  • Direct relationship with the production;
  • A range of products with the quality of Italian origin thanks to an established position in the fruit and vegetable market with distinctive brands in order to suit the current  needs of all the main selling channels close to the final costumers;
  • Guarantee of traceability providing continuity of supplies both in quality and quantity, counting on reliabilities and service efficiency. 
All our products are checked with meticulous standards, for example on the procedure use for the check of the supply chains or of quality and healthiness, thanks to technical services during all the stages in the country, from the production to the distribution in order to achieve the quality and traceability for each delivered stock, realizing by this way a project of short supply chain and distinctive quality. 
Our products are achieved by defence integrated technology with low environmental impact using technologies on the cutting edge.
We have reduced the distance between production and consumption thanks to a logistic system which is efficient on the whole region. We have manufacturing plants and assignment centres with modern manufacturing lines and large cold storage areas that guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain and quickness in the supplies. Everything is under control of a skilled technical staff.   
The raw material supply comes from trustworthy farms, which are checked and monitored, respecting the strict standards agreed also with the large distribution thanks to an efficient logistic system.
So our logistic system allows the products to pass through in the shortest possible time guarantying freshness and delivery quickness. 
For the first time the adopted procedures take account of all the supply chain aspects in order to give to the consumer a healthy and tasty product.   
For all that Gruppo Produttori Agrí srl meets the modern distribution´s needs.