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Convenience Route
Convenience Route


Pago del Rancho S/N
18740 Gualchos (Castell de Ferro) Andalusia


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +34 958 830406
Fax: +34 958 656582

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Grupo La Caña is a business group dedicated to fruit and vegetable production and marketing on the coast of Granada, Almeria and Malaga. A family business founded in 1978 committed to its land, motivated to inspire change and lead the transformation of the fruit and vegetable sector to offer the market the products that consumers want, promoting sustainability, the development of agriculture and providing economic and social value in our environment.

We strive to contribute to healthy, natural and tasty food nationally and internationally, based on continuous improvement through R + D + i activities, personalized advice to our farmers, in the process and marketing of fruit and vegetable products from first quality. At the same time we contribute to the sustainable and environmental development of the agricultural sector and our environment, allowing our employees their personal and professional development.

With a turnover of 160 million euros in 2017, today we are the most important fruit and vegetable group in the province of Granada. Our volume outside the national market reaches 80% of our production, which frames us as export leaders of subtropical vegetables and fruits such as avocado, mango and custard apple. Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, France or Norway, are some of the most outstanding destinations in the international market where we arrive every day with our products, having been able to loyalty to consumers across Europe who trust the brand "La Caña" as synonymous with quality and food safety.

Grupo La Caña and its R+D+i efforts

Grupo La Caña has a broad vocation for Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i), betting on outstanding projects related to the processing, handling, automation and conservation of fruit and vegetable and tropical products.

Four years ago, he formed his own R&D Department, currently with 12 professionals managing 18 research projects with national and European projection. Great advances have been made in the improvement of the product, helping the farmer in the improvement of quality, taste, savings in water consumption or the study of waste management.

A company synonymous with Quality

Thanks to its firm and entrenched commitment to Quality, Grupo La Caña has all those certifications that allow them to market the products of their farmers with full guarantee for the consumer throughout the European Union. We have managed to adapt to the new trends in quality so that our products are always synonymous with quality and therefore, our brand is recognized by the customer as a guarantee of safety and taste.

Our R & D & I projects are also aimed at respecting the environment and the environment of agricultural production, not only for maintaining Grupo La Caña its commitment to the client and consumer, but also because from the European Union itself The concept of sustainability is one of the essential pillars on which agriculture in the 21st century is based.

Our greater innovation yet, fresh convenience products

Grupo La Caña recently launched Caña Nature, a new division and trademark specialized in ready-to-eat fresh products, 100% natural, healthy and tasty. This innovative range is free from any allergen, guaranteed with 0 additive or preservative. All products are therefore vegan, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free.

Also, our dips & soups such as "salmorejo", "gazpacho", "guacamole" and "grated tomato" are prepared according to the traditionnal recipes, only from fresh and local ingredients. We exclusively use HPP at cold -instead of heat pasteurization, to preserve freshness and nutritional value of fresh vegetables. Using the most innovative technology and highest quality ingredients, our products result in strong integrity, functionality and transparency.

Caña Nature is now bringing true added value to points of sale as this is the exact healthy and natural “on the go” offer that customers are looking for.

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Beatriz García

Responsable de Producto Ecológico
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