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Seeshaupter Str. 20
82393 Iffeldorf


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 8856 93660
Fax: +49 8856 9366123

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Welcome to Gaugele

For more than 60 years, we have been the specialist for professional agricultural
and climate technology. Our innovative solutions for the storage and processing of
potatoes, onions, carrots and fruits are in use worldwide. Our subsidiaries allow us
to respond quickly and competently to your requests.

Creating the ideal warehouse together

Even we are unable to improve the quality of the potatoes, onions or carrots stored
– but we can retain it as long as possible. Potatoes, vegetables and fruits breathe –
during storage they continuously emit heat, water and carbon dioxide into the
surrounding air. The temperature, humidity levels and composition of this air change
continuously. Using storage technology with automatic control customised to meet
the requirements of the respective product at your location, we ensure that storage
losses caused by respiration, dehydration, disease and a change in the composition
are kept to the absolute minimum.

Everything from a single source
Our main focus is on providing an optimal storage climate for your products to be
stored. We offer sophisticated concepts for any type of warehouse. Customised
ventilation, cooling and control systems, adjusted sorting and conveyor systems for
all types of storage from bulk storage to storage in boxes. Regardless of whether
your require a new turnkey building, a renovation or a modernisation of your store.
We'll be pleased to advise you on selecting a suitable storage concept for you. We
will take your requirements and local conditions into consideration and we will work
out the best solution for you.

Each product needs its own cooling
temperature – provided by a Gaugele
refrigeration system

To ensure a continuous market supply of potatoes, carrots, onions or fruits until the new harvest begins, the use
of a refrigeration system in the store is required. A refrigeration system can optimise cooling and drying independently
of the weather and provide a constant storage temperature even when outdoor temperatures are increasing.
The installation of such a refrigeration system requires careful planning, because each type of fruit behaves
differently in the store. For example, respiration and heat dissipation vary widely depending on the type of fruit.
Gaugele has many years of experience in the construction of refrigeration systems and knows the demands of the
various products. We will calculate for you your customised cooling design for each product and type of storage.
For the storage of potatoes, a refrigeration system properly integrated into the ventilation system allows drying and
cooling after storage independently of the weather. Furthermore, a constant storage temperature promoting the
dormant stage can usually be maintained until the new harvest begins even when outdoor temperatures increase.
The storage of carrots and fruits is only successful if the storage temperature remains constantly slightly above
the freezing point while humidity remains high. Such a warehouse climate can only be achieved by means of a
mechanical cooling system in combination with a humidification system. Bulbs such as vegetable onions or garlic
are stored at low temperatures and low relative humidity.

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