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Fresh Shrimp and Crustacean Treatment - SeaFresh

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Product description

SeaFresh is a novel anti-melanosis treatment specifically designed to inhibit browning and blackening of fresh Crustacean. Applied in a simple bath,

SeaFresh binds to the enzymes responsible for the melanosis and completely inhibits the darkening reactions. In contrast with sodium metabisulphite solutions, which are corrosive and can cause serious and expensive damage to plant and equipment in processing factories. SeaFresh is very easy to use and completely non-residual.

A simple 2 minute bath will ensure that your fresh crustacean will retain their bright color nd a long shelf life of up to 7 days.
  • Effective anti-melanosis treatment
  • Inhibits the unwanted enzymatic blackening
  • Works in a wide range of crustacean
  • Easy-to-use non-residual product and safe to handle
  • Very low dosage compared to traditional methods
  • Fast dipping and draining times
  • Keeps shrimps and prawns fresh for up to 7 days
  • Can be used with both fresh water and brine
  • Ideal for use both on and off shore

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Nutriac UG

Nutriac UG


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Industrial solutions with a scientific approach

NUTRIAC is a Food Science and Technology company.

Our team of experts is dedicated to the development and testing of innovative Shelf Life Extension
for the Fresh-Produce and Food Industries worldwide.

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