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Nijbracht 126
7821 CE Emmen

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Phone: +31 591 670570
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365 delivery direct from grower & packer

With great passion Freeland takes care of the distribution of different types of fresh vegetables. We load at a variety of growers and directly transport the loads to the customer. Customers can also collect the products themselves. Our activities are organized at the head office in Emmen. This is according to the vision by founder and owner Kees van den Bosch back in 1998. The trading market in vegetables and fruit has been his passion for a long time. Kees was convinced that deliveries could be done quicker and cheaper by eliminating the transshipment-phase from the distribution process. This turned out to be a wise decision. Originally, onions were the main transported product, but quickly the portfolio got extended with other products; both from greenhouses and the outdoors. The main products are: Iceberg lettuce, red onions, leeks, yelow onions and cauliflower. But we also export a lot of pumpkins, spring onions and sweet potatoes. You can call us for anything and we go looking for you.

We have short lines of communication and are known as a no-nonsense organization. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important points of attention. We mainly deliver open ground products to wholesalers, supermarkets, vegetable cutters, and growers in Europe and abroad. We are available 24/7 and are always looking for loading locations closest to the customers. The time between harvest and delivery is kept as small as possible. Quick trading is part of our DNA! Regularly, we receive an order in the morning, and are able to deliver the same day. Thanks to long-lasting relations, our suppliers are familiar with the needs, wishes, and the rhythm of our customers. They adapt to these wishes to the best of their ability.

Where and what kind of products we deliver strongly depends on the season. However, we strive to deliver any product all year-round. Within the open ground products, the share of organic products becomes larger and larger. The organic products are originated from both the Netherlands and abroad. A good example is our ability to deliver onions throughout the entire year. Our main selection of organic vegetables are pumpkins, onions, spring onions and carrots. However, many more vegetables are available upon request. All organic products that we sell are Bio-certified by SKAL.

We exclusively deliver products of high quality. Before we reach an agreement with a grower, we conduct a thorough investigation in their company and the quality of the products this gardener delivers. To guarantee food safety, we are IFS Broker and SKAL certified. Above that, we are affiliated with the BSCI. All our gardeners comply with the set requirements and are GLOBAL GAP certified. Regularly, we ensure that certified laboratories analyze the products. We also visit growers to check the quality ourselves. For this, distance is no limitation. For every form of distribution we aim for short delivery times. We make sure there are no unnecessary transport movements, and with this contribute to increasing the sustainability of the chain.

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