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6700 CA Wageningen

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Product description

Delphy develops and implements knowledge about the cultivation of crops. Nowadays digitization of knowledge and services is the opportunity in our business. Delphy therefor develops web-based applications to support growers in cultivation strategy and decision-making. From day-to-day decisions to strategic choices. Every crop type has its own characteristics, which means that every crop type will have its own set of requirements and functionalities. All the applications are called Quality Management Systems(QMS). When specified the name of a crop is added, for instance there is QMS Tomato and QMS Strawberry.
As the applications become more advanced the human input will decrease and specific knowhow is required less. The applications gives growers advice on which direction in cultivation they should go. It gives information about what is happening, why it happens and what to do. But also, predicting what will happen and prescribing actions in response to these predictions.
To achieve these outcomes different sources are used. First and foremost the expertise of our consultants is used in the full development of the applications. All the information that supports the grower in his decisions determined. Algorithms are developed enabling to calculate and predict the information which is relevant. All the data and information that results from these algorithms is presented in a user-friendly dashboard.
A few examples of functionalities:
  • Watering advice, is developed in collaboration with Florinco and B-Mex. This application advices growers of potted plants when and how much they should irrigate, specified by batches.
  • Remote Greenhouse Management, Delphy’s remote greenhouse management uses applications for insight in the greenhouse- and outside climate, production and crop development. In weekly consults the consultant will advise the grower on the cultivation. Besides that, management reports about performance are generated automatically.
  • Planning, every QMS applications has planning as the base for the information which is presented to the grower. It starts with a production planning, but schedules concerning labor and energy are almost always the next to be added.