Cucumber harvest processing systems

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Munnikenheiweg 58
4879 NG Etten-Leur
North Brabant

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Phone: +31 88 555 2000
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Product description

Processing cucumbers from harvest to transport
For processing the harvest of cucumbers, TAKS Handling Systems has developed two modular systems that can easily be adjusted to any specific situation. By adding sorting machines, box folding machines and palletizers, we create the perfect comprehensive solution for your company. And this means higher returns and a considerable reduction of costs of labor.

Automated emptying
With this module, crates containing cucumbers are processed fully automatic. The crates are pushed off the trolleys and being unstacked by the destacker. A tipper carefully empties the crates and the cucumbers are conveyed to the sorting machine. The empty crates are automatically stacked and being pushed back on the harvest trolleys.

Container harvest system
We have developed a high tech, patented harvest system that works with containers instead of the traditional crates. This is not only an improvement on an ergonomic level, but it also accelerates the harvesting process considerably. A portal robot empties the containers automatically and puts them back on the trolleys. The cucumbers roll gently and without being damaged onto the supply conveyor belt of the sorting machine. Thanks to the buffering mechanism there’s not only a constant supply but it also means a significant increase in the loading factor of the sorting machine. The perfect system for maximum harvest speed and considerable savings on the costs of labor.

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