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23 Weidenhof Street
South Africa


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +27 218839723

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ClemenGold® is the registered brand name for superior quality Nadorcott, which is an easy peeler (soft citrus) variety. Nadorcott has its origins in the warm, North African country of Morocco, from an open cross- pollination between a Murcott and a Clementine.

ClemenGold® represents a premium citrus product. It has an outstanding taste (perfect balance between sugars and acids), offers convenience (easy to peel and virtually seedless) and has universal appeal (healthy, juicy, vibrant colour and smooth skin).

All fruit qualifying for the ClemenGold® brand must adhere to stringent quality standards, which relate directly to the eating pleasure and benefits it contains for the consumer. The universal appeal of the product ensures that the target group is all-inclusive.

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