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Charalambos Anastasiou


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +357 24 635551
Fax: +357 24 634360

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Pancyprian Potato Growers Group (POP)

Pancyprian Potato Growers Group (POP)


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The PANCYPRIAN POTATO GROWERS GROUP was created on the 12th of July 2004 in an attempt to be the largest growers group in the island and include all the farmers of Cyprus. Today with 892 growers/members, it is the first and biggest group in the island to be officially recognized by the EU and the Cypriot government.

In order to have full traceability of the product, all exported potatoes are properly labelled in the packing station before loading in the containers. Also more than 90% of the production already comes from EUREPGAP certified growers. We offer the following varieties from November to June:
  • “General use” table potatoes (rather firm cooking varieties): Spunta (cooking type B), Marfona (B-C), Timate (B), Marabel (B).
  • “Salad” potaoes (firm cooking): Nicola (A-B), Charlotte (A-B), Ditta (A-B), Inova (A-B), Filea (A-B), Princess (A), Sieglinde (A-B), Bernadette (A-B), Anabelle.
  • “Flowering” potatoes: Cara (C-B), Sante, Freya, Camila.

Sizes: Potatoes for export will be packed according to the clients preferences in polypropylene bags 20kg and 25kg, in jumbos (1000 and 1250kg) and in boxes of 500kg (directly from the fields and grated in various sizes (25-35/38mm, 35-45mm, 35-55mm, 45+mm, 65+mm, mixed sizes etc.)). Also the group operates a new packing house in the heart of the potato fields accredited with the IFS International Food Standards certificate.

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