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Exhibitor profile

Ethylene Application Systems for Fruit Ripening

As a ripener of bananas, tomatoes, avocados, mangoes or other fruits, you need a safe and easy way to apply ethylene. That's what we do... Catalytic Generators manufactures several types of ethylene generators and Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate.

In 1973, we created this technology and ever since, we have been providing fruit ripeners with innovative ways to efficiently and conveniently make ethylene as needed in commercial ripening or degreening rooms and tomato greenhouses. As a naturally-occurring plant hormone, ethylene initiates the natural ripening process of many fruits, including organic tropical fruit. By using a Catalytic Generator, it will help your fruit to ripen or degreen in a controlled and uniform manner, without residues, dangerous possibilities or confusing, expensive equipment.

Our products are found in almost every country and are available globally through our large distribution network. We serve such customers such as the world's largest retailers, growers and distributors.

Whether you ripen tropical fruit, tomatoes, or degreen citrus, and regardless of the size or quantity of your ripening rooms or greenhouses, we can customize a safe and effective ethylene application system for you. Stop by our stand and let's talk ripening!