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Product description

Cucumbers are cultivated in 50 hectares of land with a production capacity of 6000 tons of first-class cucumbers. Cucumber has a great diversity of varieties. The size, section shape, colour of the skin, it is a more or less bitter taste, are some of the characteristics that differentiate one from the other. There are many varieties of cucumber, each one of them with different characteristics. They vary in shape, size, colour of the skin or the presence of a greater or smaller amount of thorns. However, we can classify all the varieties in two large groups: cucumbers and gherkins. Cucumbers are usually consumed fresh and are the varieties with relatively large fruits. At the same time, cucumbers can also be classified in several types: oval type, medium-large cylindrical and large cylindrical. The availability of cucumber season is from April until December. Cucumbers are certified with the GlobalG.A.P worldwide standard.

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Our story
Doni Foods was founded in 1958 where it initially started off as a small family business with the main purpose of collecting, cultivating and exporting fruits and vegetables. With valuable experience gained over the years in export, wholesale and retail, Doni Foods has created a strong reputation in the Albanian, Kosovan and North Macedonian markets. Now, Doni Foods is a leading company in Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonian markets for the export of fruits and vegetables.
The hard work, dedication and cultural organization of Doni Foods have impacted the way of how the company operates in the industry today. The company’s principles on being customer-focused through offering product quality, customer care, and other convenient services, has contributed to the overall growth scale and has also created opportunities for new investment ideas with the aim of expanding its activities and productivity.
Our company has established additional new organizational units and subunits in the Republic of Albania and Macedonia - for cultivating, collecting and exporting higher capacities of best quality of fruits and vegetables.

Today, Doni Foods is an established business within the industry and possesses a large number of collection points and sales points in three different countries. The specialized production team manages all the activities from sowing to harvesting, as well as monitoring the collection process in its warehouses - whereas potential buyers can have priority and compete for ensuring the best quality products for many different international markets, as well as domestic markets supplied by Doni Foods.

Our products are mainly exported to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Iraq, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina etc.

The vision is based on the slogan “From Nature To Life” while serving to consumers in their nearest places with the main purpose of saving customer’s time and providing customers on day to day with the most nutritious choices in a wide range of best quality and healthy food.

Our mission is being one with nature, health and good living. We aim to provide responsible and high-quality products. Therefore, we strive for sustainable growth offering nutritious and healthy food at affordable prices in the region but also on a global scale.
The core value that characterizes the Doni Foods Company as a leader in the region is that the company cooperates with more than 3500 domestic farmers for the supply of a wide range variety of products selected carefully one by one, which indirectly has its impact on improving the nutrition of the population in the local and global spectrum.
Our core values are fundamental for our business long-term development.
  • Nature – Quality
    Aiming for good health, we are focused on providing the highest quality products, by analyzing all the factors that indicate the whole process of supervising the production of products.
  • Work- Sustainability
    Based on our belief on what is good for the consumer, retailer, and society we are motivated for continuous improvement, we stand for customer focus and strive for sustainable growth.
  • Life – Prosperity
    With the main focus on people’s well-being, the needs of customers and consumers are always central. Our main goal is to supply the best quality products year-round. Moreover, our goal is to impact positively customer’s lifestyle through education so the importance of being well informed about what they should eat is crucial for prosperity.
Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices)
On August 2019, after two year period dealing with the implementation of GAP standards, now Doni products are certified with Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) - the world’s leading farm assurance program.

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