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Bfruit - Nature Flavours, SA Comercio International de Fruta


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Rua de Sao Paio Padroeiro, n 174 Moreira de Conegos
4815-298 Moreira de Cónegos


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +351 9295881

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Exhibitor profile

Bfruit is a company founded in 2013 by producers of soft fruits (Blueberries, Raspberries, Red currants, Blackberries and Strawberries) and kiwi with the goal to become a producers’ organization, this goal was achieved in September 2016.  Bfruit is now recognized as a soft fruit grower’s organization by the EU.
Bfruit is divided in two big sections: its technical department, where the producers are advised from planting to harvest; and the commercialization, which Bfruit guarantees the total sales of its associates production. The producers associated with Bfruit are accompanied by technical staff and international specialized consultants in order to ensure the quality and excellence of the fruits. As a result, they benefit from higher profitability and valuation of the fruits.
We understand that economic sustainability can only be achieved with high levels of quality in fruit and in the productions, always bearing in mind the market demands.
Bfruit is committed to offer excellent reputation in the areas of production, quality and shelf life of our produce, we work with our growers on innovative solutions and adequate their productions to climate and soil.
We are a part in the entire chain of growing and processing to ensure control, health and safety through the entire process.
All Bfruit’s growers are certified in GlobalGap and Bfruit is certified in GlobalGap and BRC certification.
In 2016, Bfruit counted with 120 associated producers and the total volume of production was 600 tonnes of soft fruits.
The domestic market is currently about 5% of Bfruit sales volume, and the external market is the most expressive. At this moment, Bfruit works with France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Brazil. In the future it is plannet to expand to new markets with more attractive prices.
Appart from our general packaging concepts, we also work tailored designed packagings according to our client´s specifications and we are representants of Nutriventures, an animation series for kids all around the world with the blessing of America´s Former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Product availability:
  • Raspberries: All year;
  • Blueberries: May to August;
  • BlackBerries: June to October;
  • Red Currant: May and June;
  • Strawberries: All year;
  • Kiwi: January to May, November and December. 

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