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We pride ourselves in being the original pioneer of rubber bands for produce and floral applications and have been providing products for the industry since 1923. Prior to Alliance, only string and twine were being used by growers. Bundling is our business, and our products are specialized to hold your produce and power your brand. We offer plain and printed PLU Bands, a specialty tape called ProTape® and ProTape® dispensers. We also offer plain or printed reeled tubing for use with automated banding machines as solutions for your everyday branding and bundling needs.

Alliance has the world's largest variety of rubber bands and our ProTape® is quick and easy to apply, providing immediate benefits to both the grower/packer, our bands and ProTape® represent lower packaging cost per bundle while meeting market information requirements and offering a branding opportunity. As moisture is lost, our rubber bands shrink to maintain a firm, gentle hold on produce which provides a fresh appearance and requires less maintenance at store level. ProTape®, which adheres only to itself, can be easily adjusted as produce water content is lost and is also designed to allow for barcoding, as well as name and logo personalization. The benefits to the consumer are bundling products that allow them to handle and inspect what they plan to buy and that are easy to remove and just as easy to reuse and recycle.

Standard Imprinted PLU Bands
PLU Bands offer you the ability to label your item with the country of origin and PLU number. This allows for easy reference at checkout.

Custom Imprinted PLU Bands for Produce and Floral
Alliance makes a large range of rubber band sizes and colors that keep their hold on products even as produce items lose moisture. This maintains a fresh appearance and requires less maintenance at the store level.

Especially designed for produce bundling, PROTAPE® gives you the added benefit of barcoding. It is available in standard and custom designs.

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Alliance Rubber Company

Alliance Rubber Company


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Alliance Rubber Company produces the world's largest variety of rubber bands - with more than 2,200 products sold in over 55 countries.

Founded in 1923, Alliance is still a family owned business that is dedicated to creating the best products to benefit both growers and packers in the produce industry. Alliance's ProTape®, Custom PLU bands and Standard PLU bands offer an easy way to bundle produce while keeping it fresh. These products are FDA compliant, waterproof, reusable and available in standard and custom print.

Whether you need a product that can withstand the cold, survive the heat, hold items gently, bundle items tightly or anything in between, we want to be your "go to" source for faster service, fresher stock, and consistent top quality.

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