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33 Dolev Rd., POB 54
Migdal Tefen 24959


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +972 4 9122800
Fax: +972 4 9122801

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BT9 Ltd developed the Xsense system - a complete perishable cold chain monitoring and information system, based on real-time or offline end-to-end tracking of temperature, relative humidity, dew point and location.
The Xsense System, is a system based on an Advanced RF Technology Sensors, Xsense Readers and an Advanced cloud Portal. Xsense® proactively monitors, analyzes and disseminates temperature and relative humidity (RH) data to all supply chain stakeholders. Xsense® alerts to temperature and RH fluctuations from preset thresholds and generates recommendations on how to maintain the quality of perishable products throughout the cold chain.
Xsense® solutions fall into four main service categories. They are designed to meet your specific, unique business needs.
Facility Monitoring
In-Transit Shipments Monitoring
Last Mile Monitoring
End-to-End Cold Chain Monitoring

Biz Chances

Shipment Temperature and RH Monitoring
Facility Monitoring in REAL TIME

Comprehensive Monitoring Expertise
Many years of experience, collecting feedback from our customers and learning from their needs resulted in the Xsense® cold chain monitoring system for temperature-sensitive products.
The main benefit of the Xsense® solution is the in-depth analytics. It provides a range of practical insights and solutions for supply chain waste reduction and the quality of perishables improvement.