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Legal office: Via Amerigo Vespucci 9
Production: BIOS s.r.l. Via degli Etruschi - 80011 Acerra (NA) ITALY

80142 Napoli Campania


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BIOS produces organic and mineral-organic fertilizers for biological and agro-ecological agriculture, to obtain quality, quantity, profitability and to promote a clean environment.
Using BIOS fertilizers, you can obtain:
  • Best rooting start, giving healty plant, better growing plant
  • better quality and higher yeld (flavour, smell and colour, best resistance to pest and disease)
  • lower costs in irrigation (increased availabiliy of the water balanced with air in the rhizosphere)
  • action against leaching and sublimation because of chemical bond between fertilizer elements and organic matter
  • less use of Nitrates because of organic Nitrogenum (Nitrogenum long term availability)
  • environmental protection using biological matters from recycled materials, reducted quantity use of pesticides and fertilizers and moderate use of water
Any plants in order to grow up well, first of all need proper climate, but at the same time the right conditions of vitality in the soil activated by the microflora and microfauna. The chemical manuring ignores that the soil is alive aiming at force feeding any plants.
The organic manuring has as objective the comfort both of the ground and of the plant because only with an increased harmonic vitality of the ground, stronger crops with a higher nutritional values and best organoleptic qualities may be developed.
Today, thanks to researches carried out by Bios technicians, two major factors has been brought together: soil fertility and forced feeding of the plant, through the use of raw organic materials which were completely ignored up to a few years ago by the fertilizer industry.
With all the products contained in the catalogue, Bios therefore guarantees any cultivation, baring in mind both the yield and the qualities, without using and/or with a strong reduction of mineral fertilizers and/or chemical, protecting the environment.

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