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AntiFrostVOEN - Frost Protection in fruit and vegetable cultures

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Product description

The AntiFrost VOEN is a heater for frost protection based on the use of wood pellets. It combines easy handling, secure operating mode and efficient working. The AntiFrost VOEN is a long-lasting alternative compared to paraffine candles because a burning time of up to 10 hours can be reached. In addition a refill is possible whenever needed during the spring period. 
The AntiFrost VOEN is an economic and efficient alternative for frost protection and offers in use with the VOEN Covering Systems a perfect combination for a fruitful crop. Recent Temperature Measurements in March 2018 showed: outside the tunnel the average temperatures have been between –4 to –5° Celsius during the whole night. Temperature measurements inside the tunnels show constant temperatures above 0°Celsius— most time between +1 and +2°Celsius. The result has been an average temperature incease of about 4°C with use of the heaters.


VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG

VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG


Exhibitor profile

Since the year of foundation in 2002 we have specialized in the development and distribution of covering systems with our worldwide patented VOEN mesh covers.
Born from an idea by Reinhard Vöhringer to develop a new covering system, which in addition to protect the crop from rain, hail, frost and wind is also promoting the growth and health of the crop, our company has grown over the years into one that is worldwide active in the market place.

Important factors for our development are:

- high quality of materials
- distinctive range of services
- trustful cooperations between customer and suppliers

Meanwhile we have satisfied customers in more than 25 countries with a covered area of more than
2000 hectares.

By improving our VOEN covering systems using our understanding of customer and requirements of markets we are always up to date with our products.

Technical improvements and innovations to make our covering systems more stable and easier to use are further aspects of our global success.

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