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West Mediterranean Exporter Association BA/B

West Mediterranean Exporter Association BA/B


Exhibitor profile

West Mediterranean Exporters Association, established in 1968, provides service to exporters functioning in 25 different sectors. We are responsible for the economic development of the West Mediterranean Region, namely the cities of Antalya, Burdur and Isparta. The Association also takes an active role for the development of regional export activities with the purpose of achieving export-oriented growth.
Throughout Turkey there are 61 Exporter Unions functioning in 27 different sectors and located in 11 different cities.
Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) is an umbrella organization representing all of the Exporter Associations in Turkey and is founded to solve export problems and to maintain coordination between exporters.

Export volume of our Association has already exceeded 1,5 billion USD. More than 5.000 members of our Association export to over 150 countries all around the world. West Mediterranean Exporters Association targets 5 billion USD export volume for the year 2023.
West Mediterranean Exporters Association’s main functions are:
  • Organizing seminars, meetings and symposiums for its members,
  • Organizing buying mission programs and trade mission programs,
  • Organizing Turkish national participation to exhibitions, participating in international exhibitions and carrying out promotional activities.
Export volume of West Mediterranean Exporters Association has been increasing on a regular basis for many years. The annual export volume of our Association has been over 1 billion USD for the last 7 years.

Fresh fruits and vegetables industry is one of the leading sector of our regional export activities. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables sector; mining products, cement, glass, ceramics and soil products, chemicals and chemical products, wood and forestry products constitute the backbone of our region's exports.

For the West Mediterranean Region fresh fruit and vegetable sector is the most important source of income. The sector corresponds to approximately one third of our regional exports with more than half a billion USD export value.

Antalya is the leader with 15% share of vegetable production in Turkey, particularly in the production of vegetable crops grown in the greenhouses. Additionally, our region provides 50% of greenhouse production.

Tomato is the most important product for our region both in production and exportation.

85% of tomatoes exported from Turkey are produced in our region. Likewise, most of the exported cucumber-pickles, peppers, eggplants and pumpkins are produced in greenhouses all around our region.

Tomato takes the first place for our regions exportation, Other major export products are respectively; pepper, grape, pomegranate, cherry, cucumber and lemon.

West Mediterranean Region exports fresh fruits and vegetables to more than 50 countries. The most important markets are listed as, Germany, Russian Federation, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, the Netherlands and Austria.

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