Alphacom Italia S.R.L.


Via Largo Adua 1
24128 Bergano Provincia di Bergamo

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Phone: +39 035 683702
Fax: +39 035 680210

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Exhibitor profile

Salads for Fresh Cut Processors

Alphacom Italia is an Italian company working in the cultivation and sale of salads for fresh cut processors.
In particular we are specialised on Baby Leaves, Lamb's Lettuce, Spinach and Teen Spinach, Wholehead (Butterhead lettuce, Frisee, Escarole, Sugar Leaf and Radicchio). From winter 2017/2018 Alphacom Italia produce and sale also Organic Baby Leaf.

Alphacom Italia is a Family Company, young, dynamic, innovative and committed to achieve the best results for its suppliers and costumers. Whatever the product, specialisation and control are the key words of our job.

Alphacom Italia is owned by the farmers, and we produce in different italian areas:
Italy - North; 70 hectares greenhouses (tunnels)
Italy - South; 220 hectares greenhouses (multitunnels)

Mad For Cooling
Alphacom is an export Company, and from ever believe that best way for the best shelf life is; Cooling System. Following this think, we are strengthening our cold chain, with two new chilled warehouses - 5000 sq.m. each one - that are being built one in North (Bergamo), and one in South Italy (Eboli).
Foreign Bodies
Due to the system of cultivation, and to the position closed to the soil, the baby leaves are the salads category with the highest % of foreign bodies found in the bag.
In order to satisfy the consumers safety and the higene costumers queries, we put a lot efforts to reduce foreign bodies on our salads. Alphacom Italia has developped (first in Europe) an anti-snail anti-frog netting system, that assures us over 90% reduction of these contaminants.
New Business Channel
Thinking on future, in 2017 Alphacom purchased 100% quotes of Noccioltost company, from ever a Company owned by Birolini family. The company for treatment of dehydrated fruits, soft fruits and nuts, want to explore the synergies between fresh and dry vegetable products. Alphacom has already started with italian pistachio cultivations trials (Eboli).

Alphacom a family company with wide view on future!
  • Keywords

    • convenience
    • rucola
    • fresh cut product
    • baby leaf
    • nut
    • dried fruit

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