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266 avenue du Président Wilson
93200 Saint Denis


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +33 961 323 415

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Exhibitor profile

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGFS) is a leading global innovator and provider of science-based solutions, data-driven technologies and experience-backed services to enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce. For more than 20 years, AgroFresh has been revolutionizing the apple industry and has launched new innovative solutions in a variety of fresh produce categories from bananas to cherries and citrus to pears. AgroFresh supports growers, packers and retailers in ensuring post-harvest solutions across the industry enhance crop values while conserving our planet’s resources and reducing global food waste. AgroFresh has key products registered in over 45 countries, with approximately 3,000 direct customers and services over 25,000 storage rooms globally. AgroFresh's solutions range from pre-harvest to reatail.

As pre-harvest:
  • Harvista™Pre-harvest solution that allows growers to control peak ripeness for greater fruit quality, increased orchard revenue and more peace of mind.
  • LandSpring™ Pre-transplant treatment mitigates transplant stress and improves yield on seedlings.

As post-harvest solutions:
  • SmartFresh™ The innovation that provides consumers access to more produce options year-round, maintaining quality for a variety of fruits and vegetables during storage and transport.
  • Textar®: broad-spectrum fungicide protection based on Thiabendazole, Fludioxonil, Imazalil, Pyrimethanil, Fosetyl-Al, 2-phenilphenol and Potassium phosphate, for citrus, pomefruit, stone fruit and other crops
  • ActiSeal™: drenchable fungicide, provides control of a broad spectrum of post-harvest diseases in fruits to achieve a more profitable packout
  • ActiMist™ The thermofogging standard for fungicide delivery, working simultaneously with SmartFresh to bring new convenience and premium advantages to storage rooms.
  • Third party fungicides: Agrofresh include in its portfolio Scholar 230 SC, Tecto 500 SC, Graduate A+ and Xedathane HN distribution for different crops.
  • Teycer® waxes and coating, based in carnauba shellac, wood rosin, sucrosters fatty acids, polyethylene and waxes with fungal protection, for citrus, pomefruit and tropical fruits. Biodegradable detergents and sanitizers for packing lines.
  • FreshCloud Storage Insights An integrated solution that provides true peace of mind insight into the quality of your fruit during storage.
  • Control-Tec® technology equipment: Application and Dosage of treatments and coatings, the most innovative in Reduction and Recycling water treatment, Specific solutions for degreening, storage, ripening, astringency removal and research purposes.
  • EthylBloc™ Works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresh from the field during shipping and distribution.

Additionally, the company's initial retail solution:
  • Transit Insights End-to-end visibility and management of cold-chain logistics for Smarter Freshness.
  • RipeLock™ Optimal pre- and post-ripening protection for bananas and other produce to deliver a better consumer experience.

AgroFresh brings an unmatched perspective and technical expertise to freshness science. And now
is building off this unique understanding to deliver a full range of offerings across pre-harvest, post-harvest and retail applications for a wider variety of produce categories.

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Patricia Borreda

Communications Specialist
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