Agriculture Cooperative Messi


Messi Veria
59100 Messi

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Phone: +30 23310 41041
Fax: +30 23310 41785

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Exhibitor profile

In1983 from the Consortium "MESSI LTD" became the AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE MESSI, who had the experience of previous years in the joint handling of agricultural products and the self-management , so very soon developed and stood out in the co-operative field. That same year for best customer service operations proceeded in expansion and modernization of existing establishments with purchase and installation of electronic sorting-packing for fresh fruit and refrigeration facilities and compartments with controlled atmosphere for which was financed from Regulation (E.U.) 355/77 of the public investments program. The cooperative was recognized as group of producers within the Regulation (E.U.) 1035/72 by the primary committee of specific recognition for peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, tomatoes etc.

The operation of the cooperative as a producer group in accordance with EU regulations, the decisions of the Ministry of agriculture and national provisions relating to the functioning of agricultural cooperatives. The number of members of the producer group is currently 445 members who cultivate 10150 acres with a fairly wide variety of horticultural products. The cooperative region stretching across the wider area of Imathia, though the majority of its members mainly comes from the village of Messi in Veria.


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