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Product description

We understand reefer shipping can be complex. Even a single mistake can be costly, that's why at APL, our experienced reefer experts work closely with customers to tailor solutions that suit their unique requirements. Whatever your shipping puzzle might be, we will find the solution to ensure the freshness and value of your fruit and vegetables is protected all the way.

SMARTcare+ – Controlled Atmosphere
APL’s SMARTcare+ technology accurately monitors, adjusts and maintains the balance between oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen to create the ideal atmosphere for extending the shelf life of fresh produce. This is considered the most technologically advanced process available to precisely control atmospheric composition. It increases post-harvest life by up to three times more than other conventional methods.

SMARTcare – Regulated Atmosphere
APL’s SMARTcare technology is recommended for commodities that require atmosphere management but do not need a full SMARTcare+ application. Like any atmosphere control system, our SMARTcare technology is an enhancement to good temperature control – not a replacement for it. SMARTcare provides more precise atmosphere management than other commodity-generated atmosphere systems (such as modified atmosphere bags or auto vent systems) and is a cost-effective alternative to using SMARTcare+ for container atmosphere management. Bananas and lettuce are examples of commodities which can be transported across the Pacific – and yield positive results.

SMARTair – Humidity Management
Our high-tech reefer containers are equipped with dehumidification systems to enable relative humidity to be set at exact cargo requirements.

SMARTcool​ - Cold Treatment
SMARTcool is a special post-harvest process that exterminates fruit flies and their larvae, so shippers can meet local quarantine requirements. This process eliminates the need for fumigation and is done by maintaining a suffi ciently low temperature, uninterrupted over a period of time. SMARTcool can be carried out either in certified cold storage or during transportation (in-transit) with USDA cold-treatment-certified containers.

SMARTemp™​ - Live Monitoring
SMARTemp™ (Satellite Monitoring and Remote Temperature Tracking) provides real-time temperature and humidity information to our customers and is highly recommended for temperature-sensitive commodities. Real-time access to live temperature data grants greater visibility and protection capabilities over the shipment. As a result, exceptions can be addressed immediately by a team of professionals – a great value added service for shippers with zero tolerance for supply chain downtime.