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Orense, 66 - 1° D
28020 Madrid


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +34 915711702
Fax: +34 915722403

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What is AFCO?
The Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Corrugated Board (AFCO), with more than 90 manufacturing companies, and more than 100 production sites, encompasses most of the total corrugated board production in Spain, where the fourth highest production of this material in Europe takes place. 40 manufacturing plants of the Association of Spanish Manufactures of Corrugated Cardboard (AFCO) are currently licensed to manufacture UNIQ packaging for fruits and vegetables.

What is UNIQ?
UNIQ is the registered trademark of quality guaranteed boxes made of corrugated board for the transportation of fruits and vegetables. The UNIQ quality seal is printed in each box, accrediting its performance in humid conditions. 
Looking at a UNIQ carton, you might just think of packaging for fruits and vegetables. However, UNIQ is much more: an integral corrugated board packaging system, manufactured from printed, punched sheets of corrugated board, which offers maximum protection against blows and supports heavy loads. At the same time, the material is very light in comparison with other packaging materials such as plastic or wood, which facilitates transport and handling.
The corrugated cardboard sheets used in the production of UNIQ packaging are made of first class paper. Assembly follows with the help of a fast and easy to use machine with an output of 1,300 to 1,700 cartons/hour. The boxes are automatically erected and glued together - a guarantee for stability and quality - and with the application of the UNIQ Quality Seal all requirements are met and your product can be transported to its destination under optimal conditions.

Uniq, at the leading edge of innovation
The UNIQ Quality Seal represents the most advance technical knowledge in the corrugated cardboard sector.
UNIQ packaging is forward-looking: quality, innovation, adaptability, and sustainability.
UNIQ corrugated cardboard boxes are classified into two major families, depending on their basic structures: Tejadillo type (T) and Column type (C) boxes. Different performance under humid conditions is required for each family.
There are three Classes of UNIQ packages adapted to each logistical circuit, depending on the number of days between the loading of the package and its arrival:
"Export", if duration of use of the palletized load is up to three days.
"Long-distance" when duration of use is between three and up to six days.
"Ultra-long distance (overseas)" if duration of use of the palletized load is expected to last over six days.

How is UNIQ committed to standardization?
The exterior measurements of UNIQ boxes comply with FEFCO's international CF (Common Footprint) standard, leading to major logistical simplification.