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It is imperative to move and store perishables in specific temperature ranges in order to keep them fresh for as long as possible. This ensures the quality of the products and extends their shelf life, thereby also minimizing waste. 80% of flowers are transported at 2 to 4 °C where possible. Maintaining the cool chain is most challenging during the flight, loading and off-loading procedures. This is why in Nairobi, Kenya, DSV Airflo, uses dock seals at its transit warehouse and protective thermo blankets between warehouse and aircraft.

With our global network, we focus on flexible transportation and logistics solutions that endeavor to safeguard product integrity from origin to destination.

DSV provides a choice of multiple modes of transport depending on urgency and shipment size. These include temperature-controlled air freight, ocean reefer freight, temperature-controlled road and courier services, or any combination of these modes of transport. If requested by customers and where approved by civil aviation authorities in the case of air freight, DSV uses SmartView, a sophisticated wireless technology, to monitor and document ambient temperatures of perishables during transit. If needed, supervisors and trained staff can intervene quickly to avert product damage.

Other value-added services DSV provides to the perishables industry include consignment documentation, product-specific packaging solutions, customs clearance and direct distribution door-to-door.

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DSV Panalpina A/S

DSV Panalpina A/S


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Success in the perishables industry depends on a logistics provider that can ensure perishables are safely and efficiently steered through the cool chain on the way to their final destination.

At DSV, we know exactly how much love growers put into the cultivation and production of fruits, vegetables and flowers. We also know how difficult it is for wholesalers and retailers to procure fresh products from all over the world punctually to the consumer in peak condition. Our main concern is providing a tailor-made quality service for products we care about.

The DSV Perishables Network provides an unrivaled travel experience for perishables, and this experience begins long before the actual journey – for example here in Berlin.

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